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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Twas the day after winter break...

Twas the day after winter break and all through the lab
Not a creature was stirring not even a MAb
The books were all stacked there filled with notation
but completely untouched over the long winter vacation

Perhaps the lab members were nestled all safe in their chairs
in the lab working hard, or perhaps downstairs
Sick of the omicron, the tau, the eta, the theta
everyone working hard collecting mounds of data

and then from the hallway there arose such a clatter
I ran to the lab to see what was the matter
I opened the doors to the lab with such haste
only to find the janitor and waste

I said to myself on to microscopes, to room XX1
surely students are coaxing experiments to run
but no students were found in either setting
and no students were present in the building I'm betting

The break was great fun and I know I slept late
but for G-ds sakes its 10! time to get to the microplate
I returned to my office full of faith and hope
that students might bring data from the microscope

Where are my students, my data, my charts?
oh to see each of you making fresh starts

As I returned to my office dejected and sad,
hoping that it only looked this bad,
I thought to myself and I felt very drab
winter break is over get your a** in the lab

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