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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Well my career proposal was turned in by the deadline and I took the next day off (which happened to be my birthday) and got a facial and pedicure. I saw Harry Potter 5 with my daughter and had lunch with my daughter and son. It was great. I also took off the weekend to read Harry Potter 7, which was awesome, but I will give you no spoilers here.

Now, I am...I hate to admit this...a little bored. I don't have any presentations or grants any time soon. We had several experimental breakthroughs right before my proposal was due, which was convenient, but now everyone is starting on new things. I do have two papers left to write and am working on those, but it is a little light for me right now. I think I miss interactions with everyone. Almost all the faculty here are out of town right now, and most of the UGs are away for the summer. I do have nice interactions with my students, but I miss having a chance to just talk, and that isn't what the advisor - student relationship is about. My husband suggested shopping. I might take him up on that.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More on NSF CAREER proposals

Okay, I hate my proposal a little less now, but it was very difficult to put together. I am writing about a new topic so there was a lot of background to go through. Also, these proposals are comprehensive so you need to include research and teaching as well, but you are limited to the same 15 pages as always. AND the money has shrunk to such low levels that the yearly amount can barely fund 1 student and supplies, hardly a "Career." But it is worth it for the prestige of winning at any rate.

I have been chugging away on this thing for about 3 weeks, minus a nasty bout with a cold. It is due in a few more, wish me luck!!

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