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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chemo Report #2

So pretty much recovered from Chemo infusion #2 of 4, before switching to a different drug. Better than the last time, but still not my favorite thing to do. Basically down for 2-3 days, then able to work after that.

Apart from the chemo, my research is really kicking into gear. I got contacted by *another* company interested in licensing my technology, for a home pregnancy test no less. More exciting research results have been rolling in. Is it not a little bit troubling that my lab seems to run itself better when I am gone half the time?

Actually one possible contributing factor to this success may be the promotion and hiring of a postdoc to a research scientist position. I have dumped off a lot of the day to day administration to him and this seems to help my own productivity tremendously. Plus, my students have a contact point that is available pretty much constantly to resolve small lab issues. All in all things are good...


At 10:02 PM , Blogger Elena said...

You have a lovely way of always finding the bright side! Best wishes for your health.

At 8:43 AM , Blogger Super Babe said...

Glad to see things are going well. Thinking of you and hoping you recover quickly!

At 10:36 AM , Anonymous engineering girl said...

I used to read your blog quite closely when I was looking for career advice...haven't been on the blogs for a while though. I randomly popped back in today and saw the news...really sorry to hear it, but am really inspired by how positive and productive you are being in spite of it! Best wishes to you for recovery and research, and your blog has been a great help and inspiration to me.

-young engineer trying to find her way in a haze of career options

At 8:09 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad the chemo is going well -- about now was when all of my hair fell out... except my eyelashes and eyebrows... It was probably the most traumatic thing, besides actually losing the breast... but, after a few days I got used to it and it was kinda nice to be bald.

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