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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Chemo Report #3

So chemo #3 did not go as well as #1 and #2. It's probably my fault. Instead of being good and resting the week of my treatments I tried to come in and work Th and F afternoon, so no naps as usual. Unfortunately, this resulted in my being really sick all weekend. I was really, really nauseous. The kind of nauseous where even someone's cologne smell's bad and makes you want to retch. Spent most of the weekend with all the doors and windows open trying to air out the house.

Good news is by yesterday I was definitely feeling better. Better news is I only have one more of that particular treatment left and then I switch to a different drug with different side effects that do not include nausea.

Work is still going amazing. I really don't understand how my lab and my research have chosen this moment to become super-productive, but I'll take it. We have now been contacted by three different companies about licensing technologies. We have 2-3 papers in the mill that are likely to be high impact. I just came up with an awesome grant proposal idea that I can't wait to submit. So things are good.

One of the things that I am spending a lot of time thinking about lately is how to avoid being a one-hit wonder. We have had one technology that is really successful and are currently working through the derivative and application papers that go along with that. We will be able to do that for the next few years, but I need to start thinking about what we will do next. And in the spirit of my previous post, I want to work on the challenging but important problems, but figuring out what those are is half the battle.

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