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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Too much?

So, as you can tell by my last few posts. I have been unable to keep up with all my work. I keep trying different things (e.g., Panera, delegation), which do help, but have been unable to make a significant dent in my load. I have finally decided that I may be at the point where I simply have too much work.

This occurred in grad school when I took crazy hard class. I simply could not complete the assigned HW in the time allotted. I had to make a choice about where to draw the line. I had to become comfortable with less than my best quality work.

I think that I might be at that point here, but what corners to cut? The obvious choice is service activities. The more committees I can avoid the better for me as these will have little bearing on my tenure or overall success as long as I maintain a minimal level. But cutting corners on teaching? I don't think I am comfortable with that. Yet, I don't know how else to manage.

Good news is that Winter qtr is over soon and I am doing course development in the Spring and will presumably have more time. Here's hoping that I can get three papers off my desk and in submission soon.

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