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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Well my career proposal was turned in by the deadline and I took the next day off (which happened to be my birthday) and got a facial and pedicure. I saw Harry Potter 5 with my daughter and had lunch with my daughter and son. It was great. I also took off the weekend to read Harry Potter 7, which was awesome, but I will give you no spoilers here.

Now, I am...I hate to admit this...a little bored. I don't have any presentations or grants any time soon. We had several experimental breakthroughs right before my proposal was due, which was convenient, but now everyone is starting on new things. I do have two papers left to write and am working on those, but it is a little light for me right now. I think I miss interactions with everyone. Almost all the faculty here are out of town right now, and most of the UGs are away for the summer. I do have nice interactions with my students, but I miss having a chance to just talk, and that isn't what the advisor - student relationship is about. My husband suggested shopping. I might take him up on that.


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