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Thursday, June 28, 2007

I hate (writing) NSF Career Proposals

I am working on my NSF Career proposal right now (due mid-July) so you may not hear much from me in the coming weeks. I hate this proposal. The problem is that I really want to win, rather than the we'll see attitude I've had for all the others. What's worse is it is supposed to be a career plan including research, teaching, and outreach goals, but the page limit is the same as a regular unsolicited proposal. So, I am supposed to cram all my career plans for the next 5-10 years in the same 15 pages that I normally have to lovingly describe a single research idea. AND this is all for a pittance of money: less than $100k/yr which amounts to about 1 student and supplies after overhead. Well, I am plugging away. I have spoken with several colleagues about my idea. It has been significantly altered twice, and I now think I might be on the right track. Now let's hope that I can get this fleshed out before my upcoming 4th of July family reunion (talk about timing) and the release of the new Harry Potter Movie (July 11, in Imax 3-D no less). The only thing keeping me sane are these new clips from the movie: Harry Potter clips.


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