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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's that time of year

Thank you so much for your comments on my last post. It is really hard sometimes to know why kids do what they do and easy to assume that parenting is the root of the problem. Moving my sons bedtime earlier helped a lot, and also I have been much firmer with him and can say that we have seen an improvement. We also met with the teacher and found out that she wasn't that concerned, she just noticed that my son is hard to discipline. (All too true.) I think we are on the upward swing.

This time of year is hard for all of us. My husband is returning to the 2nd year of his MBA program. It should be easier, but there will be a few night classes, so some single parenting nights are in my future. My daughter started Kindergarten, which is really a step up from preschool. She actually has homework, virtually all related to coloring or writing, but homework nonetheless. She has always really liked school so I was disappointed to find her relatively uninterested in HW. She tends to do the minimum to get by and I am trying to encourage her to really commit to each assignment. My son returned to preschool and as you can see has had some trouble adjusting. And me...well I'm blogging from home today because it is the 1st day of class and I spent 30 minutes looking for parking and couldn't get any so I packed up and went home. Things are busy for me. It is the Jewish holiday season so I have missed a few days for that. I had two faculty retreats (one for each department that I am in), and I turned in a major proposal last W. Today is a bit of a breather before launching into the next one.


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