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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Dr. Mom Challenge

I am putting together a video, to be distributed to 3rd graders, introducing them to science and engineering careers. The video will include STEM professionals at local companies demonstrating cool engineering technology and faculty doing the same. However, for the last few minutes of the video I would like to quickly show the diversity of individuals working in STEM careers. I thought it might be neat to have as many different kinds of people as possible record short (~ 30 sec) videos showing themselves and the technology that they influence, particularly technologies that kids could relate to.
For example, my sister works on batteries (shout out to her), so she could hold up a cell phone and say "Hi, my name is Sister, and I work on the batteries that run cell phones." I think it would be best to use first names only because it is more personal and will create a more intimate feeling with the viewers.

So my challenge to you is can you send in videos showing yourself doing something cool or showcasing the cool technology that you work with? Also, can you pass on this request to as many people as you can think of that would be interested.

Please send videos in MPEG format to http://upload.mediamax.com/Upload/Upload.aspx.

Enter mommyscientist as the user name and you can upload your file. [Ignore the login at the top of the page.] It's my best attempt to preserve anonymity where desired.

Thanks and I look forward to seeing the videos!


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