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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

One Month Follow-Up

Well I have been on the job for one month now and thought I would look back at my accomplishments.

1. Applied for 2 internal grants- 1-rejected, 1-pending
2. Found 2 external program solicitations to submit grants to.
3. Ordered 80-90% of major equipment.
4. Hired a postdoc.
5. Interviewed 2 grad students for the Fall.
6. My postdoc papers- 1 in press, 1 being written for invited article, 1 in limbo

For Next Month
1. Get first lab cleaned out.
2. Get furniture (benches) installed in first lab.
3. Install major equipment in first lab.
4. Get students and equipment out of second lab so that I can move in.
5. Ditto all the stuff for first lab.
6. Substantially complete two proposals.
7. Decide what elective I am teaching in the spring.

I hope to have new lab pictures by tomorrow. In theory, the floors are being buffed and the lab is getting super clean today. But then that was the theory yesterday as well.


At 1:00 PM , Blogger ScienceWoman said...

That's an impressive list of accomplishments for your first month on the job. But it sounds like some of your goals for next month may be somewhat out of your control (lab benches being installed, etc.).

And it sounds like the floor buffing schedule is more of a hypothesis than a theory!


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