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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Post-travel craziness

Well I just got back from a conference and also from my sister's baby shower (check her out at Janus Professor). I went to another university in my state yesterday to meet a potential collaborator, and so after about a week and a half am back at Midwestern R1U. Everytime I travel I get these grandiose ideas about what I am going to do while gone. I never get anywhere close to what I want accomplished, so then I decide that when I get back I must hunker down. Unfortunately, I always forget about the endless stream of students I must meet with when I return whose experiments are in various states of working. To try and avoid some of this I worked at home this morning, which helped, and then met with students for the last three hours straight, but I simply must work my grant proposals or my lab will go under. On the plus side, I got some great family time during my sister's shower and am feeling recharged and ready to go.


At 8:33 PM , Blogger ScienceGirl said...

That's interesting - I have stumbled onto both your and your sister's blogs completely independently :) Glad you had a great time there!

I too always have grandiose plans for getting something done while traveling, but it never actually happens. I think travel takes more toll on us than we'd like to admit: those 8 hours on the plane, interrupted by plane changes, take off and landing, drinks served, other people anywhere, amounts to hardly any time to concentrate. The time alone in your hotel gets diminished by having to be up and ready early out of your suitcase, and being exhausted from travel and the meetings during the day. I've started trying to be more realistic about it all.


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