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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Time mangagement is killing me

So you may remember a post I put up a month or so ago about how I was going to get back in there and write some grants. Well, that didn't really happen. Despite that fact that the class that I am teaching this qtr takes up much less time, I have been mired in other details (reviewing papers, reviewing grants, writing papers, committees, outreach work, etc.). On the other hand, I have been spending some of that time trying to get a handle on what it is that my group is really about. I think I have figured that out and am working on my first proposal back into the fray. This particular one is expected to have a 2.8% success rate, so I wouldn't exactly say that I am optimistic, but it is very short and I have already written most of it so why not? The problem is that it is so difficult to get grants written amongst my other commitments. I currently have 4 requests to review papers sitting in my inbox, one of which is from prestigious journal I have never reviewed for before and one of which is from journal I do a lot of work for that I would like to appoint me to editorial board...sigh. At least I am going on vacation in a few weeks...


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