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Thursday, August 17, 2006

My benches are shipping!

You know its time for a break when you get really, really excited that lab furniture is shipping. But I simply cannot contain my enthusiasm. When the benches come I can begin to unpack my equipment, and maybe just maybe my first experiments will take place.

Realistically though, it is doubtful that I will do anything before mid-September. Once the benches arrive we still need to plumb the sinks and run the electrical. Not to mention that some of my major equipment is not here yet. And note to future faculty, make sure that everything you order will fit through the lab door before you order it.

Otherwise things here at R1U could not be better. I am still trying to get in touch with Dr. Bigname (are any of you really surprised that this is difficult?), but it sounds like the Dr. will come on board. Because I really want to talk to the Dr. before launching into extensive grant writing, I have been working on lots of little things and I have been amazingly productive.

I just finished all my required training classes for grant administration, I ordered intructor copies of two potential textbooks for elective class in my area, and I even worked up some data leftover from my postdoc for my next paper. Things are good.


At 4:59 PM , Anonymous tenurestressed said...

Congrats on getting your benches! It is hard to set up a lab. I'm up for tenure now and am hoping I got mine set up in time (hoping I have enough pubs etc.). All the best!


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