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Friday, March 31, 2006

Visiting Future Home

Well, I am in the midwest visiting my future house, which is under repairs. It has dawned on me that I am moving in about 6 weeks and I am pretty much freaking out. The only thing keeping me sane is careful planning and my Ipod. I basically have six weeks to get all my experiments done and I have at least four more weeks planned, a bit of a tight window. The good news is that all the preliminary results look good, but I have so little time to slog through the data that I have its really hard to say much.

On top of that whatever data analysis I don't finish before I leave (and that will probably be most of it) I have to do once I get here, which takes away from setting up my lab at midwestern U. I guess there is the slight positive that those papers will have the my University address and my advisor is making me corresponding author, so I think that I get some small credit towards tenure from them. But, I am crazy!!! I am working like a fiend. I spend all my time in the lab either leaning over a microscope or doing tedious experiments and my only company is my audible books on my Ipod. I am making my way through British literature. Having just finished The Talisman, by Sir Walter Scott, I am now making my way through Ivanhoe. These are both books that I would probably never read in print (especially since my current prospects are all guides to better grant writing), so I guess it is good I can listen at work. At this rate, I am making it through a book about every 3 days. Well off to see the new house, I hope repairs will be complete by the time we move in. Actually for that matter, I hope we can sell our old house. I can't shoulder double payments for too long.


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