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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

To take a postdoc or not

I need some advice from you guys, particularly the Asst. Profs out there. I will be starting at Research I University (R1U) in July. Ever since my contact information went up on their website, I have received a barrage of applications from interested students, postdocs, etc. Mostly, I have directed the students to the graduate admissions coordinator and the postdocs to the door. I figured since I am arriving in July and will have no equipment yet it would probably be better to wait before accepting a postdoc. However, I recently received an application from a candidate whose experience exactly fits my needs. The candidate is currently a postdoc elsewhere but her advisor is retiring so she is looking for another job. She wants to go into academics (hence not seeking an industry position after the 1st postdoc). She seems really good. I haven't got her letters of rec yet or taken a close look at her pubs, but it seems very promising. My problem is that I am not sure if I will have much for her to do until later in the year. I have no shortage of ideas, and some of them can be executed on minimal equipment, but to really get the most use out of a postdoc it seems like it would be better to wait until I am set up a little. Also, I am concerned about using a portion of my start-up on the postdoc. I could probably only guarantee 1 year, 2 is possible, but I am not sure that I want to commit that much of my start-up to it. On the other hand, having a postdoc could jump start my program. She wouldn't have classes and could get going right away. Also, the training required would be minimal, since she is already closely aligned with my area. What do you guys think???


At 11:40 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my experience a very good postdoc = Many PhD students.


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