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Friday, September 30, 2005

Day in the life (4)

This post is part of a one week series detailing the life of a post-doc on her way to academia (next summer). Next week I will begin a series on writing your first research paper.

Checked my cells. Look good, adhesion still a problem.

Also, checked polymer adhesion to substrate. Interesting pattern, adhesion is good, declines, then improves. Will repeat taking more pictures in the middle phase.

Talked to boss about poor cell adhesion. Came up with totally new plan for that experiment, ordered supplies.

Ate lunch while reading scary CNN article about bird flu.

Get babysitter for this weekend. Think I have bronchitis, make Dr's appt.

Plan out new cell experiment. Repeat polymer adhesion experiment.

Work on paper.


At 3:30 PM , Blogger Karen A. said...

Good luck with your post-doctoral work. I just started a blog as a Ph.D. student, with two kids and husband "in tow" as well. I'll be following your story with interest, and perhaps learn some tips along the way!


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