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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Day in the life (3)

This post is part of a one week series detailing the life of a post-doc on her way to academia (next summer).

Checked on my cells. They look really good, although not quite as many adhering to the dish as I would like. I will need to think a little about how to improve the cell adhesion coating.

Talked with PI about grant proposal due Oct 1. Proposal has been canned because we can't get preliminary data from one of our collaborators in time. Seems they are developing cold feet. I suggest a different collaborator, but for political reasons, it won't work. Looks like we have to wait for next submission deadline, four months from now.

Start experiment to check polymer adhesion to substrate. Polymer adheres, but swells over time. The swollen portions do not adhere to substrate. Not sure how long adhesion will last. Ideally, need 1 week. Will have to follow for a few days.

Have been getting emails from interested students! Yaay, someone likes my work. Email back and forth about possible projects, candidate background etc. Many are persistent, which is good.

Spend some time cozying up to Adobe photoshop to prepare for next round of experiments.

Call to find out why my chemical is not here yet.

More lit search for paper. Work on paper.


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