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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Well, the weather here has finally turned to Spring (so you can surmise I am not in Alaska)...and I cannot concentrate. Last week was spring break, and I had a nice weekend getaway with my DH. Actually it was the first time we have been away from the kids overnight in over a year, and the first time that it wasn't business ever. It is hard enough to get back into the swing of things without the fact that it has been a beautiful 70-some degrees for the last three days. And, the University hasn't turned the air on yet, so my windows are wide open. I can feel the breeze; I can hear the birds chirp, and I'm supposed to be working on a grant proposal! Here's hoping for rain.

In addition to all that, my kids are now old enough that for the first time in about 6-7 years, I have some free time. [Probably should be working on my proposal during that time instead of sitting on the porch drinking beer with DH.] I almost feel like I'm back in college. It's so liberating. I have deadlines, but there is no pressure of a thesis or job hanging over me. I can just be. Wow, not sure what to do with myself now. Oh well, enough procrastination, I should probably get back to the proposal.


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