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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Working on Vacation

Well, we are on vacation right now, but as you can see I am not completely disconnected. This whole thing is really bizarre for me right now. All through my PhD and also most of my postdoc, I have always enjoyed and been eager for vacation. Now, I think I would honestly rather be working. This is because I LOVE MY JOB!!! [Okay the fact that I’m on ‘vacation’ with a 2 year old might be a contributing factor.] We are on a cruise (actually in St. Thomas right now), and I told my husband that I’m hoping for research insights similar to those of Darwin on the Beagle. But kidding aside, I have been using this time for the deep mental thought that I normally don’t have time for. I have really been considering some of the key issues in my field and my experimental approaches to them. I haven’t had any serious breakthroughs yet, but here’s hoping.


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